Summer Songs 2 – Lil Yachty first impressions + current top 5

Lil Yachty with short notice releases his second official project titled “Summer Songs 2”. What I can tell you about this project is that it really is youthful and brings summer vibes. I have yet to play it in my car, but I can’t wait. Most projects I start from the beginning but I couldn’t help but choose the Lil Herb song first because I was so curious as to what it would sound like. I also think Chris Fresh makes really awesome beats. My current top 5 are.

  1. King of Teens
  2. Up Next 3
  3. Pretty
  4. So Many People (because I regret not sending Yachty a voice clip)
  5. (Intro) First day of summer

Special shout out to track #2 For Hot97, specifically for Ebro cause he didn’t understand Yachty. He should now. Another special shoutout to “Life Goes On (feat. Cook Laflare)” cause it sounds like if someone rapped on a Tears for Fears song. Some may disagree but, Lil Boat is the king of teens and is here to stay.

Stream on Apple Music here


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