The “Old Hip Hop Head”


“Why should I listen to rap anymore? I grew up on 50 Cent, Eminem, Nelly, Fort Minor…This flavour of the month shit is getting annoying….Production is all the same, All these rappers have coloured dreads…writing is on the level of a fourth grader….Tbh country is looking more appealing”. This is a real human, from a real rant and it’s so cringeworthy I have to address this type of person. With rap having more sub genres it gives more people a chance to find a version of rap that they specifically like. whether its Drake, J Cole, Kendrick, Fetty Wap, or Lil Yachty. I grew up on 50 Cent and Eminem religiously, then later on Three 6 Mafia, Tupac and Biggie from older friends. So when someone can’t relate or enjoy any type of new music, how big of a hip hop fan are they anyway? Commenting on an artists hair/appearance is kind of pointless considering it usually ends up getting them modelling deals with luxurious brands. I think artists are becoming more creative, newbies are getting fame with the help of the internet (good & bad), and certain areas of the world are getting more attention because of their different takes on hip-hop & r&b. Toronto for example, although Atlanta always seems ahead. So don’t let the fact that you like a lyrical rapper stop you from singing this this or this.

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