Top 5 Woptober songs- Gucci Mane


Gucci is 2/2 on projects, since being released from prison. In July he released Everybody Looking which featured tracks like Back On Road (feat. Drake), First Day Out Tha Feds, and P*ssy Print which features what I think is one of Kanye’s best verses of the year. I’ve been listening to Woptober for just over a week now and I’m going to give what I think are the standout tracks for me.

  1. Intro (Fuck 12) – this is a perfect aggressive but smooth Gucci intro. I think he is the king of Intro’s. An example of this Trap God Intro (2012)
  2. Last Time (feat. Travis Scott) – a great Zaytoven beat + a Travis scott hook and verse, you can’t really go wrong. This track gets better with every play.
  3. Money Machine (feat. Rick Ross)- Honorable C-Note kills the production, and both MCs ride the beat. The video is also quite braggadocious.
  4. Addicted–  Gucci really opens up in this song where he talks about all of his addictions and family issues “I know my family dysfunctional
    So God please help these country folks”.
  5. Out The Zoo– this is the type of song where Gucci fans might actually say that he has never been more on point. His beat selection is crazy and only Gucci can make lyrics like “I got killas stayin’at my condo” tame and catchy.

Honorable Mention:

Bling Blaww Burr (feat. Young Dolph)– A great song, produced by Metro Boomin, and Young Dolph is a rising star.

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